Customizable Kits fusion September 20, 2023

Allow Customers to define
pre-built kits within their stock.

We are excited to introduce a significant improvement to Acumatica’s Non-Stock KIT functionality – Customizable Kits. This enhancement empowers you to tailor your orders by defining the quantity of kit components during the order creation process. In addition, this solution also gives the capability for the components to be added as line items on the order instead of the Kit, eliminating an assembly process and ensuring a more flexible and personalized shopping experience.

Create Grouped Products within Acumatica

In Acumatica, we offer the versatility to transform Non-Stock kits into Customizable Kits, granting customers the freedom to personalize their kit components. These Customizable Kits encompass both stock and non-stock items as components, each having a defined Sales Price within the Acumatica system. Customizable Kits prove to be extremely valuable, especially when marketing products that consist of multiple components, such as Grooming Kits, Apparel Combos, and Cookware Sets. With this feature, you empower customers to craft tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with their preferences and requirements. The introduction of C-kits effectively replaces the previously used “Grouped” Product feature in the now-retired Product Configurator solution, offering a more flexible and user-friendly approach to kit customization.

Grouped Products

Features that boost Business

Kit Explode:

“Kit explode” refers to a procedure where a kit is prepared with specific stock and nonstock items. When an order includes a kit item, it’s disassembled, adding its parts to the order while replacing the kit item. Each component maintains a link to the original kit item source, crucial in industries selling kits with multiple distinct items.


Promotional Pricing:

Generate sales price worksheets within Acumatica and specify price tiers based on various factors, such as customer type, unit of measurement (UOM), purchase quantity, and promotional pricing for specific periods. Subsequently, synchronize these price worksheets with the ecommerce site.


Commerce Order:

Orders placed on the ecommerce website are instantly synchronized with Acumatica ERP, enhancing the speed of order fulfilment. Additionally, this product enables the synchronization of orders generated in the ERP system back to the website.



After generating a shipment in Acumatica, either through its built-in shipping solution or using third-party shipping software like ShipStation, updates the ecommerce site with relevant shipment details, including tracking information. Additionally, notify customers via email regarding the shipment updates.


Order Lookup:

Enhance customer service, analyze past orders, and streamline order fulfillment using Acumatica’s powerful order management features. Additionally, enable customers to access real-time order updates through the “My Account” section on the commerce site.


Component Quantity Adjustment:

Orders placed on the ecommerce website are instantly synchronized with Acumatica ERP, enhancing the speed of order fulfilment. Additionally, this product enables the synchronization of orders generated in the ERP system back to the website.


Within the Acumatica system, when a Kit Item is configured with discounts, these discounts are intelligently distributed among its components in a proportional manner. This ensures that discounts are allocated accurately based on the components’ contributions within the kit.



Depending on the configuration settings in the C-Kits preference screen, users can view comprehensive reports that include information about the kit and its components. These reports are available for various functions such as printing sales orders, printing shipments, generating picklists, and issuing invoices.

Features List

  • yes-icon Specify which Component Quantities Can be Adjusted in the Kit, Along with Minimum and Maximum Values.
  • yes-icon Determine Component Quantities when placing a Sales Order.
  • yes-icon Calculate Kit Price based on the chosen components and their respective quantities.
  • yes-icon Customize Sales Order View to Display Kit Components by choosing to Expand or Collapse Components on the Sales Order Grid.
  • yes-icon Manage Kit Component Display by controlling expansion on the Sales Order Grid and During API-Based Order Creation
  • yes-icon Prevent Over-Allocation by reserving the Inventory for Non-Stock Kit Components During Sales Order Processing
  • yes-icon Choose to Show the Full Kit, Kit with Components, or Only Components on Standard Forms (e.g., Order Confirmation, Pick List, Shipment Confirmation, etc.).
  • yes-icon Utilize Standard Acumatica Import Scenarios to Create Kits in Large Quantities.
  • yes-icon Utilize C-KITS in Sales Orders or Sales Quotes for Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency.

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