BigCommerce B2B Connector fusion January 7, 2023

BigCommerce B2B Module for Acumatica customers

B2B module built specifically for BigCommerce customers running Acumatica as the source of truth – As an alternate to Bundle B2B.

Fast track B2B capabilities on your BigCommerce Website

The Fusion BigCommerce B2B Connector includes a BigCommerce App that enables B2B functionalities on the BigCommerce platform and facilitates data synchronization with Acumatica. By relying on Acumatica as the main source of information, B2B customers of Acumatica can conduct various actions, such as purchasing, making payments, creating quotes, etc., directly from their BigCommerce website.

Available on the Acumatica marketplace, easy to install
The B2B for BigCommerce is a certified solution by Acumatica, which can be procured directly from Acumatica through your VAR. As part of the implementation process, the BigCommerce App will be configured by Kensium/Fusion.


Enhance your BigCommerce Store with B2B capabilities

As buying habits evolve, achieving sales excellence now relies heavily on delivering personalized experiences through various channels. The key elements of these experiences include:

  • Product Discovery and Browsing with customer specific pricing
  • Customers can request for quotes easily
  • Convert quotes into sales orders with proper approvals.
  • Create sales orders in multiple ways (traditional browse and add to cart, quick addition of items via SKU and quantity, or even uploading a file containing order details, etc.)
  • Allowing customers to make payments using various payment methods such as credit cards, purchasing via POs within credit limits, and more
  • Empowering B2B companies to administer their own accounts by creating additional purchasers with specific roles and responsibilities.
  • And various other features and capabilities.

Real-time Synchronization

  • B2B for BigCommerce is built on top of Kensium Commerce Framework (KCF), enabling real-time from Acumatica to the B2B segment of the BigCommerce website.
  • This solution works in conjunction with Acumatica’s native BigCommerce Connector, which remains responsible for product, inventory, pricing, customer, and order sync. For any entities outside the core connector, e.g., Companies, Contacts, Locations, Quotes, Invoices, etc. B2B for BigCommerce takes over and ensures a seamless user experience.

Fast track B2B capabilities on your BigCommerce Website

Features List

  • Sync all data in real-time.
  • Define the required attributes/fields to be synchronized and only exchange the defined data to increase speed, improve efficiency, and costs.
  • Monitor specific fields in Acumatica to determine when sync should be initiated. Monitor specific fields and determine when a synchronization process should be initiated in Acumatica.
  • Never lose data if one of the systems is offline. Built-in queuing mechanism to ensure data stays in-sync.
  • Re-sync any historical data changes on demand via the batch mode.
  • Debug and track all transactions via robust logging mechanism with built-in log archival and clean-up utility.
  • Notify customers via emails for any critical errors via in-built notification mechanism.
  • Comprehensive configurations to minimize customizations.
  • Customize the connector with your own technical team via open-source Laravel code, and Acumatica’s end-point extensibility features.
  • Stay up-to-date with BigCommerce and Acumatica upgrades via Kensium’s “Always Current” program.
  • Define company locations for each user to improve security and accurate delivery.
  • View and pay any open invoice in Acumatica via BigCommerce B2B.
  • Define custom roles and assign them to any of the company users.
  • Seamlessly map Companies > Users > Locations hierarchy between the B2B APP and Acumatica.
  • Salespersons can login as a company user from the B2B App admin portal by mapping APP users with Salespersons.
  • Quickly add multiple items to cart using Quick Order feature.
  • Company users who have the necessary permissions can place quote requests.
  • Choose whether to allow company registrations from the BigCommerce Store or not and define approval process for the same.
  • Customize the look and feel of the B2B screens on the BigCommerce right from the B2B APP.
  • Configure email content for emails generated by the B2B App.

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