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Sync your Adobe store with Acumatica

The Acumatica-Adobe (Magento) Connector provides a bridge between two powerful solutions: Adobe/Magento’s front-end eCommerce platform and Acumatica’s ERP, facilitating seamless data exchange across stock items, sales categories, customers, orders, and shipment. All your commerce information is entered in one platform and syncs to the other, eliminating duplicate entries and complex data entry to save you time and money.

Adobe Connector Integrates Your Commerce and ERP

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Adobe Connector

Sync your Adobe Open Source or Commerce store with Acumatica via the most comprehensive and advanced commerce connector for Acumatica.

The Adobe connector provides a complete integration for sales categories, products, pricing and inventory, customers, orders, shipments, and returns. All these features are made available via real-time data syncs, improving your ability to manage your store and customer experience. Additionally, it provides a real-time view of the order updates happening in Acumatica within Adobe’s MyAccount section.

Achieve the optimal combination and benefits of both worlds

Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by simplifying the purchase process and improving customer experience with automated order status updates. Improve data accuracy as product, customer, order, and shipping information is synchronized between the Magento storefront and Acumatica ERP in real-time.


Future-proof your business

Integrating Adobe Commerce and Acumatica ERP using the Connector allows you to automate back-office operations, streamline business processes, and keep customers happy, allowing you to focus on the important thing – growing your business.


The Adobe Commerce–Acumatica Connector provides an end-to-end solution to keep your business running at optimum performance and tools to help convert leads into customers and streamline business processes.

Features that boost your business

The Acumatica-Adobe Commerce Connector helps sync sales and product information from your Adobe Commerce website to Acumatica Cloud ERP, creating a single source for all your inventory and sales data. Real-time data sync offers valuable insights to help.

Features List

  • Sync all data in real-time.
  • Define the required attributes/fields to be synchronized and only exchange the defined data to increase speed, improve efficiency, and costs.
  • Monitor specific fields in Acumatica to determine when sync should be initiated. Monitor specific fields and determine when a synchronization process should be initiated in Acumatica.
  • Configure the number of parallel processes to increase capacity/throughput.
  • Leverage Magento’s bulk API feature to process large volumes of data quickly.
  • Never lose data if one of the systems is offline. Built-in queuing mechanism to ensure data stays in-sync.
  • Re-sync any historical data changes on demand via the batch mode.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Adobe Commerce / Magento’s multi-website / multi-store capabilities.
  • Support BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up in Store) capabilities by mapping Acumatica warehouses to Adobe / Magento’s Multi-Source Inventory (MSI).
  • Monitor all sync activity via a comprehensive Dashboard.
  • Debug and track all transactions via robust logging mechanism with built-in log archival and clean-up utility.
  • Automate corrective actions for any sync failures.
  • Notify customers via emails for any critical errors via in-built notification mechanism.
  • Backup or easily migrate connector configuration via import/export configuration feature.
  • Comprehensive configurations to minimize customizations.
  • Map entities and values via configurations for products, sales categories, customers, customer groups, shipping methods, payment methods, order status, etc.
  • Customize the connector with your own technical team via open-source Adobe/Magento code, and Acumatica’s end-point extensibility features.
  • Stay up to date with Adobe and Acumatica upgrades via Kensium’s “Always Current” program.
  • Extend Adobe/Magento order management capabilities via Order Lookup.
  • Utilize Magento’s extensive product types with native support for Simple, Configurable, Grouped, and Bundle products.

Fully integrate your commerce site & ERP in one system

The Adobe Commerce–Acumatica ERP integration connects your digital storefront(s) with Acumatica ERP operations, providing a single source to manage product, customer, and order data, reducing errors and delays by eliminating duplicate data entry operations. The Connector helps meet customer expectations and delivers products faster by improving your order and fulfillment processes. Reporting helps you drive business decisions and helps increase sales conversions and business growth.


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Helpful answers to your questions

Still need more information before you set up your intro call? Here are the most common

questions asked and the answers you need to know to make an informed decision.

Licensing is available for the connector from Acumatica

Yes, AMConnector customization packages are installed

No. After the connector is licensed in Acumatica, no additional licensing is required

The Acumatica Connector is licensed annually

Depending on the type of installation, the cost varies. Contact your sales representative for exact pricing details.

Kensium sells the Connector directly to customers. Non-Kensium customers can purchase the Connector from an Acumatica VAR.

Yes. The trial license is available, but not the development license.

Yes. Data validation is limited to 100 records per day, but all features of the Acumatica Connector are available for the trial license.

Yes. Email notifications are sent 30, 7, 3, 2, and 1 days prior to expiration and are sent to the email address used to purchase the license. There is also a notification shown on the Admin screen in Magento at login.

If a license is not renewed, all features are disabled, and you only have access to license and help sections until the license is renewed.

Once you receive the renewal email, contact your sales executive and they will assist you.

Yes, the remaining time left on the license is carried forward to the renewal.

Each license is based on a Magento installation, and the number of stores allowed. If a new store is being added and exceeds the allowed number of stores, a new license needs to be purchased.