Fusion Gift Card fusion September 13, 2023
Fusion Gift Card

Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Our Smart Solution.

Fusion Gift Card puts you in control. Unlike traditional gift cards issued by credit card companies, with Fusion Gift Card, the merchant retains the funds. Rather than earning a percentage on each transaction, with the Fusion Gift Card you the merchant deposits the full amount of the gift card while Fusion tracks the Gift Card liability and efficiently applies funds to future purchases.

The Fusion Gift Card web portal allows users and the merchant full and secure visibility into individual card balances, transactions as well as overall gift card liability. Let Fusion Gift Card shift the balance of power back to you rather than the credit card companies.

Have better control over the funds
employing Fusion Gift cards

Our solution offers -

You can opt any of the below mentioned versatile functionalities available within Fusion Gift Cards i.e.,

  • yes-icon Import printed cards with codes and optional PINs.
  • yes-icon Effortlessly manage digital cards via Fusion.
  • yes-icon Seamlessly manage funds on printed and externally coded cards.
Our solution offers

Our Gift Card benefits can be availed in various modes 

The Probability to access the gift cards has broadened its horizons to all the below mentioned ways enabling the users opt as per needs.

  • yes-icon Physical Code: A physical code corresponds to the number imprinted on a tangible card.
  • yes-icon PIN: Accompanying a printed gift card and its physical code for enhanced security layer for when the card is utilized at the register
  • yes-icon External Code: Generated and managed by an external system like a third-party ecommerce integration, an external code follows a distinct process.

Enhance your gift card experience
with our unique benefits  

Merchant-Centric Financial

Merchant-Centric Financial Control

Fusion Gift Card provides merchants with greater financial control by allowing them to retain the full amount of the gift card value. This feature empowers merchants to manage their funds efficiently and without having to share a percentage of each transaction with credit card companies. This can significantly boost a business’s profitability.

Transparent Card Management

Transparent Card Management

Fusion Gift Card offers a user-friendly web portal that enables both users and merchants to access secure and real-time information about individual card balances, transactions, and overall gift card liability. This transparency builds trust with customers and ensures that merchants can easily monitor and manage their gift card program. 

Efficient Fund Application

Efficient Fund Application

Fusion Gift Card efficiently applies funds from gift cards to future purchases, streamlining the process for both customers and merchants. This efficiency can enhance the customer experience, encourage repeat business, and reduce administrative hassles for merchants, ultimately boosting sales and customer loyalty.

Independence from Credit Card

Independence from
Credit Card Companies

Fusion Gift Card liberates merchants from relying on credit card companies for gift card services. By shifting the balance of power away from credit card companies, businesses can reduce fees and gain more control over their financial operations, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Features List

  • yes-icon Easy Installation & Configuration.
  • yes-icon No additional hardware requirement.
  • yes-icon Supports Single & Multiple Store Types.
  • yes-icon Customize the redemption instructions within the BigCommerce platform.
  • yes-icon Completely secured with Code for e gift Card, PIN with the physical Gift Card.
  • yes-icon Obtain exclusive credentials from the Fusion team.
  • yes-icon Integrate seamlessly with ecommerce.
  • yes-icon Validate the Gift Card in Real-time
  • yes-icon Buy and Redeem Gift cards through the channel (Physical or Digital) that is most convenient for customers.

Unleash the potential of Fusion Gift Cards
across our integrated platforms.

Fusion Gift Card

on BigCommerce store

Fusion Gift Cards have now been integrated with the Big Commerce platform, providing seamless integration for both e-gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards. Integrate Physical and Digital Gift Cards in a single click by installing the APP from BigCommerce Marketplace if you are already signed up on BigCommerce platform.  If you are new to the Big Commerce platform, you can obtain this by signing up first and then access the solution by installing the APP.

Fusion Gift Card

on Adobe Commerce store

Fusion Gift Cards can also be integrated with the Adobe Commerce platform, providing seamless integration for both e-gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards like BigCommerce platform.

The Process of generating a Physical and e- Gift Cards in a single click can be customized as per requirement on the Adobe Commerce platform. 

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