CommercePro fusion January 7, 2023

Enhance Acumatica's capabilities

CommercePro adds features to Acumatica around inventory management, pricing, payments, and customer service, allowing merchants to sell more efficiently.

CommercePro Extension For Acumatica
Cloud ERP


CommercePro enhances Acumatica Cloud ERP capabilities for retailers and distributors

The product adds several features to Acumatica around inventory management, pricing, payments, and customer service that increase efficiencies and improves functionality for merchants. While it is most often sold along with Commerce Edition as an add-on, it can be installed/implemented on any Acumatica Edition.

CommercePro features for Acumatica

Unique Email Address

Multichannel retailing is the future of eCommerce. With CommercePro’s Multi-Channel User Accounts feature you can aggregate orders from several channels and tie them to one customer profile.

Customer Order Summary

You can now personalize your customer service interactions and increase lifetime value with CommercePro’s Order Summary feature for Acumatica. In a customer profile, you can click on the Order Summary tab for more detailed information and a consolidated view of the customer’s order history. You’re able to see how long they’ve been a customer, detailed order and shipment history, and a summary section including customer lifetime value.

Vendor Inventory Manager

Dropshipping can save your business time, money and effort, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Reduce the customer service headaches often experienced with quickly changing vendor inventory by using CommercePro’s Vendor Inventory Manager.

Free Stock Item

Incentivizing your customers with free stock items in Acumatica has never been easier than with CommercePro’s Free Stock items feature.

Line-Item Enhancement

Ensure that custom services like monogramming, engraving, gift wrapping, etc. are not missed during the manufacturing or fulfillment processes with CommercePro’s Product Enhancement feature.

Duplicate Order Check

CommercePro’s Duplicate Order Check prevents duplicate orders by ensuring order numbers and external reference numbers haven’t been entered into Acumatica twice.

Unit Of Measure Pricing

CommercePro’s Unit of Measure-Based Pricing feature will save time by automatically calculating sales price based on sales unit instead of by the default unit.

Shipping Restriction Zones

Avoid fines and penalties by restricting the shipment of item classes and/or inventory items to specific countries, states, or zip codes with CommercePro’s Shipping Restriction Zones feature.

Collect Then Ship

Prevent shipments from leaving the warehouse before collecting payment with CommercePro’s Collect-Then-Ship feature.

Auto Assign Sales Categories

Entering item sales categories into Acumatica at the individual stock item level can become time consuming when you have thousands of products. We’ve automated this process with CommercePro’s Auto Assign Sales Categories feature.

Quick Kits

Bypass Acumatica’s Kit Assembly screen by assembling kits on the fly using CommercePro’s Quick Kits.

Kit Quantity Display

Accurate inventory counts lead to more fulfilled orders and happier customers. With CommercePro’s Kit Number Display, you’ll always have the most up-to-date kit quantity information in Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Kit Price Calculator

Managing fluctuating kit prices in Acumatica Cloud ERP doesn’t need to be complicated. CommercePro’s Kit Price Calculator will adjust prices dynamically when one of the component prices changes.

Multi-Website Support

Add multiple sales channels, including websites as Branches in Acumatica Cloud ERP, and assign selling parameters to each branch.

Auto Authorize Payment

Automatically reauthorize credit cards to prevent a credit card authorization from expiring, capture remaining amounts for back ordered items, authorize a higher amount than the original transaction, and more.

S3 Images

S3 Images allows users to store product image files in AWS, which reduces impact on Acumatica storage limits. This feature also allows you to share image URLs across multiple eCommerce channels.

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