Fusion POS Acumatica fusion January 11, 2023
POS Acumatica

Fully integrated, Omni Channel Retail Management solution for Acumatica.

Fusion Point of Sale is a full featured, retail management solution featuring POS, Gift & Loyalty, and eCommerce integration built for Acumatica merchants who won’t compromise.

responsive device
Reliable platform

FusionPOS runs on any Windows devices ideal for stationary or mobile requirements.

No downtime

FusionPOS unique design allows it to remain operable even without internet.

Increased efficiency

Seamless integration with Acumatica applications eliminates redundancies, lowers carrying costs and increases working capital.


Flexible Customer Types to fit your needs.

  • Acumatica Customers – Acumatica customers are seamlessly synced to each FusionPOS register or can be created at the register. FusionPOS transactions are posted individually enabling for Cash & Carry or future fulfillment.
  • Marketing Customer – When individual client history is critical, but it is not necessary to set the account up in Acumatica, Marketing customers can be used. With Marketing Customers, FusionPOS retains all transaction data including payment methods and discounts but only inventory and payments are passed to Acumatica. Using FusionPOS unique roll-up capabilities, this minimizes transactions counts for Acumatica posting.
  • Default Customer – For quick transactions or customers unwilling to provide demographic data, there is always the FusionPOS Default Customer. Like Marketing Customers, the FusionPOS Roll-up feature can combine marketing customer transactions for posting into Automatica.
fulfillment options

Fulfillment Options. - All the bases covered.

  • Cash & Carry – FusionPOS allows for single step transactions with multiple payment types on each cash & carry transaction.
  • Acumatica Fulfilment – For special order, out of stock, or where a shipment is required, FusionPOS can create a Sales Order in Acumatica for future fulfillment.
  • Mixed Mode – When a transaction requires both carry out and future fulfillment FusionPOS can manage that with only one payment record.
  • BOPIS / BORIS – Because of it’s tight integration with Acumatica, FusionPOS can also handle in store pick up and return of items purchase on line.

Increased efficiency and visibility

FusionPOS is an extension of Acumatica. Purchasing, Inventory movement and pricing, Customer management, etc. are all managed by Acumatica. While FusionPOS may extend Acumatica to a retail environment, Acumatica remains the one source of up-to-date information – One Source of Truth.


Sell from anywhere​

Don’t let long lines discourage potential customers. This simple tablet-based app is an ideal extension of your POS; it’s there when you need it and allows you to service customers anywhere in your store or away in location.

loyalty program

Happy “sticky” customers – Fusion Gift & Loyalty.

Fusion Gift & Loyalty can be purchased individually or in combination and work in fully integrated environments or independently with FusionPOS, Acumatica or Acumatica eCommerce solutions. However used, they promote customer engagement and loyalty.

Fusion Loyalty is a robust branded loyalty program where you, the merchant determine when and how points are earned. This can be by customer type and reward level as well as item type and for specific intervals. Clients can download your branded app or log in through your web site to see points calculations and purchase history.

Fusion Gift Cards can be purchased online, at the store or can result from the conversion of loyalty points. Whether you use eCards or physical gift cards they can be used for purchases at the store, on line or directly in Acumatica.


Synchronization = Better customer experience

Making Acumatica the source of truth for your commerce operations allows you to deliver a consistent commerce experience throughout all your sales channels.


Technical features​

FusionPOS runs best on certain operating systems, servers, and hardware.​

Case studies​