ChannelAdvisor Connector fusion January 7, 2023

Sync ChannelAdvisor with Acumatica

Kensium’s ChannelAdvisor Connector for Acumatica helps simplify and streamline your business operations with the ultimate omnichannel system optimized for your ecommerce business. Sync your inventory, catalog, purchasing, and fulfillment data between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor.

An opportunity to maximize marketplace visibility

All data flows in real-time between ChannelAdvisor and Acumatica, ensuring data is up to date in both the systems.


Once the data is in ChannelAdvisor, it connects to marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping partners, vendors, 3PLs, Payment Gateways, Repricers, and others, giving you endless possibilities for reaching more customers and increasing your sales. 


Better data for better selling

  • Manage and automate marketing programs from one platform.
  • Power multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, and more via a single platform.
  • Manage and update your product catalog from one place.
  • Grow your audience and your sales with expansion into international marketplaces.
  • Analyze your performance at a general level and at a product level.
  • Eliminate worry with ChannelAdvisor’s secure and scalable system.
  • Sync your marketplace presence with your other online channels, such as comparison shopping engines, pay-per-click advertising, and your website.

Enhance your commerce business via ChannelAdvisor’s comprehensive functionality:

Features List

  • Sync all Acumatica data and updates in real-time to ChannelAdvisor.
  • Define the required attributes/fields to be synchronized and only exchange the defined data to increase speed, improve efficiency, and costs.
  • Monitor specific fields in Acumatica to determine when sync should be initiated.
  • Re-sync any historical data changes in Acumatica on demand via the batch mode.
  • Establish connections between multiple companies within ChannelAdvisor to efficiently handle orders and shipments across various regions.
  • Sync stock, non-stock, kits, and template items from Acumatica to ChannelAdvisor.
  • Map product attributes in Acumatica to custom columns in ChannelAdvisor.
  • Sync inventory levels in real-time from Acumatica to ChannelAdvisor, preventing overselling or stockouts.
  • Sync orders from ChannelAdvisor, ensuring accurate and up-to-date order information in Acumatica.
  • Use ChannelAdvisor Shadow SKUs seamlessly within Acumatica.
  • Create a unified view of all financial data by integrating all sales, charges and fees, and refunds into Acumatica.
  • Update inventory levels in ChannelAdvisor based on purchase orders created and maintained within Acumatica.
  • Conduct marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple channels and analyze the results using analytical tools available in ChannelAdvisor.

Connect Acumatica To Over 100 Marketplaces


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