Kensium Commerce Framework fusion January 6, 2023

Sync any platform with Acumatica

Kensium Commerce Framework (KCF) serves as a unified commerce connector within Acumatica, enabling smooth integration with various ecommerce platforms. It provides the framework and the toolkit to simplify the workflows needed for commerce and retail integrations.

A Common Framework for Commerce and Retail Integrations

KCF acts as a centralized hub, allowing developers to build connections between Acumatica and external commerce/retail platforms through a unified interface. This streamlines the integration process, making it more efficient and manageable.

KCF has built-in tools to select the entities to sync, fields within the entities to be exposed via the API, real-time web-hook capabilities for real-time communications, queuing mechanisms for handling large volumes, etc.

Several connectors already utilized KCF’s capabilities. These include: Magento, Sellercloud, Rithum, Kodaris, Unilog, etc.

With KCF, your team does not need to master Acumatica’s development framework. Everything is abstracted, and you can interface with Acumatica via KCF’s well-documented APIs/Webhooks.

Stay Current with Acumatica Upgrades

Kensium is committed to Acumatica’s Always Current program which ensures that all products listed on the marketplace are always supporting the latest versions of Acumatica.

By connecting your commerce or retail solution to Acumatica via KCF, which is the primary touchpoint for the integration, your solution is automatically certified as soon as KCF is certified for each new version of Acumatica.

With several integrations utilizing KCF and more on the way, take advantage of the focus on continuous development and enhancement of the solution.


Manage data mapping and organize your external commerce / retail plugins

KCF utilizes a plugin-based approach to each integration. This ensures that you can have multiple connections to various systems all running off a single instance of KCF.


In addition, each plugin can define its specific data mapping, ensuring custom functionality for each integration.

  • Define the entities to sync between Acumatica and the retail/commerce platform.
  • Connect to multiple platforms from a single interface.
  • Get notified of data changes to monitored entities in real-time.
  • Achieve seamless propagation of a singular data change or trigger to all associated systems.
  • Leverage custom endpoints built specifically for commerce / retail capabilities (e.g., lookupCustomerByEmail)
  • Built-in capabilities to resend missed updates via batch functionality.
  • And many more.

Features List

  • Unified framework for integrating Acumatica with eCommerce solutions.
  • Plugin based approach allows connecting multiple Commerce systems to a single Acumatica instance.
  • Custom endpoints expose commonly used functions (e.g., look up customer by email)
  • Real-time notifications from Acumatica via web hooks ensure that the commerce solution is always in sync with critical items such as inventory counts and prices.
  • Built-in queuing mechanism to ensure that the data stays in sync at all times.
  • Re-sync any historical data changes on-demand via the batch mode.
  • Reduce system load via KCF’s pub-sub model. Changes to Acumatica data is monitored once and notified to all subscribers.
  • Enhance core capabilities of the connector framework by extending it as needed.
  • Leverage existing connectors that are available on KCF already: Magento, BigCommerce B2B, Unilog, Kodaris, Sellercloud, MIVA commerce, CartRover, etc.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and improve time-to-certification for new Acumatica versions. Certification of KCF automatically certifies all connected systems.
  • Stay up to date with newer versions of Acumatica via the “Always Current” program.
  • Comprehensive configurations to minimize customizations.
  • Reduce size of sync data, improving sync speed / throughput by defining the specific data elements that are needed on the commerce system.
  • Parallel processing to increase speed of the syncs.
  • Robust logging mechanism to debug and track all sync activity.

Solutions leveraging KCF

The following integrations to Acumatica use KCF to provide unparalleled integration capabilities to Acumatica customers.

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