PayPal PayFlow Plugin fusion April 4, 2023

Boost Payment Efficiency and Security in Acumatica with PayPal Payflow Pro

The Acumatica plugin for PayPal Payflow Pro is an approved integration that seamlessly connects with PayPal’s payment gateway solution, Payflow Pro. The range of features and benefits are tailored to Acumatica merchants providing customizable fraud protection services and ensuring secure business transactions. It includes Buyer Authentication capabilities, enhancing security measuring competitive rates, making it a favored choice among Acumatica merchants. Similar to other gateway services, Payflow Pro supports all major credit and debit cards, providing flexibility in payment options for customers.

Integrate Credit Card payment processing using PayPal Payflow Pro with Acumatica


Multi-Currency Support in Payflow Pro Integration with Acumatica

The Payflow Pro integration with Acumatica includes a Multi-Currency Support feature, enabling businesses to conduct transactions in various currencies. This is particularly advantageous for companies that operate globally or serve an international clientele. Customers of this product have the convenience of making purchases and finalizing transactions in their preferred currency without having to perform conversions on their own.

Real-Time Transaction Processing Support in Payflow Pro Integration with Acumatica

The integration of Payflow Pro with Acumatica provides comprehensive functionality for processing transactions in real time, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient payment experience for businesses. This integration enables instant authorization and processing of transactions, delivering prompt feedback on the success or failure of payments. This feature enhances accuracy, reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions, and ensures seamless payment handling for businesses.


Features that boost your business

Features List

  • yes-icon Facilitates instant approval and processing of payments in real-time, ensuring efficient transaction handling.
  • yes-icon Implements payment tokenization for enhanced security, replacing sensitive customer payment information with unique tokens.
  • yes-icon Ensures seamless integration between platforms, enabling smooth communication and data synchronization.
  • yes-icon Utilizes a secure hosted checkout solution where customers are redirected to PayPal’s payment page, reducing PCI compliance requirements and safeguarding customer data.
  • yes-icon Incorporates fraud protection features like address verification and card security code verification to mitigate fraudulent transactions.
  • yes-icon Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics functionalities, offering valuable insights into transaction data and settlement details.
  • yes-icon Supports Level 3 and Level 2 transactions for expanded payment capabilities.

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