PayPal Invoicing Plugin fusion April 4, 2023
paypal invoicing

Effortlessly send payment requests from Acumatica to the Buyer/Customer with a single click. 

Our specialized incorporation of PayPal Invoicing offers a comprehensive solution that brings multiple advantages. By integrating this feature, companies can effectively handle their invoicing procedures and accept payments from almost any location. Customers benefit from the ease of making secure payments with minimal effort, while businesses enjoy effortless fund transfers to their accounts. This integration streamlines the payment process, improves financial administration, and enhances the overall payment experience for both businesses and customers.  

Integrate PayPal Request Money Feature Using
PayPal Invoicing with Acumatica

Integration- Accounting-invoicing

PayPal invoicing Integration with Accounting in Acumatica

The integration of PayPal invoicing with the accounting modules within Acumatica brings significant advantages to businesses such as streamlined financial reporting, reduced manual work, and improved overall accounting operations. By seamlessly connecting PayPal invoicing to the general ledger, it allows for the efficient transfer of payment data, automating the process of recording payments received through PayPal and eliminating the need for manual data entry saving time and reducing the workload on the accounting teams.  

Automatic Payment Processing Integration with Acumatica

The integration of Acumatica with PayPal invoicing offers businesses the ability to streamline their payment processes through automated payment processing enabling businesses to automate the collection of payments for PayPal invoices, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Upon opting PayPal Invoicing, it allows the integrated system automatically updates the invoice status and record the payment details ensuring that businesses have real-time visibility into payment transactions, accurate tracking & reconciliation of invoices. It also simplifies the payment workflow, reduces the risk of errors, and improves overall efficiency, improving the customer experience by benefitting from a seamless payment experience with prompt updates the invoice status & instant confirmation of payment receipt. 

Features that boost your business

Features List

  • yes-icon Provide an alternative payment option for non-credit card holders.
  • yes-icon Send bulk requests or verify the status of invoice payments from Acumatica.
  • yes-icon Deliver comprehensive reporting and analytics functionalities, granting valuable insights into transaction data and settlement details.
  • yes-icon Monitor and reconcile received PayPal payments with their corresponding invoices.
  • yes-icon Automate payment collection for PayPal invoices to streamline your payment processes.
  • yes-icon Utilize the convenience and security of PayPal’s payment platform, allowing customers to directly make payments through their PayPal accounts.
  • yes-icon Harness the convenience and security of PayPal’s payment platform to enable direct payments through customer accounts.
  • yes-icon Integrate seamlessly with accounting modules to streamline financial reporting, eliminating the need for manual data entry by directly transferring PayPal invoice data to the general ledger.
  • yes-icon Create invoices within the system, capturing all pertinent information such as customer details, line items, quantities, and prices.
  • yes-icon Eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, minimizes errors, and saves time for your finance and accounting teams.

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