Pay with Extend fusion October 30, 2023

Make vendor payments securely by creating virtual cards from Acumatica with any commercial card of your choice.

Pay with Extend is a customized integration that allows the creation of virtual credit cards associated with a company’s corporate card, specifically utilized for business expenses. The ability to generate a distinct virtual credit card for each transaction ensures secure payments to vendors, while also ensuring the privacy of your actual credit card details. By using Pay with Extend, businesses experience enhanced monitoring and control over vendor payments and overall costs.

Integrate Virtual Card Payment Processing using Pay with Extend in Acumatica.

Make secure Vendor payments using Unique Virtual Cards

Ensure the utmost security for vendor payments by utilizing unique virtual cards. These virtual cards provide an added layer of protection by generating distinct card numbers for each transaction, with this approach your actual credit card information remains hidden, safeguarding it from potential risks. This secure method allows you to confidently share virtual card details with vendors, ensuring smooth and protected payment processing without exposing sensitive financial data.

Set Spending Limits on virtual cards!

Effortlessly set spending restrictions on virtual cards to take charge of your expenses. This feature allows you to set particular monetary limits for each virtual card, guaranteeing that transactions stay within the predetermined amount. By implementing spending limits, you can efficiently manage your budgets and safeguard against any unauthorized or extravagant charges.

Features that boost Business

Security Measures:

The incorporation of Pay with Extend feature guarantees the security of sensitive financial data by using virtual cards instead of disclosing actual credit card information during payment transactions. This way, your confidential financial details remain protected throughout the process.


Expense Tracking:

The Pay with Extend feature automatically synchronizes and logs expenses made with virtual cards into Acumatica, streamlining the process of expense tracking and reporting. This makes it easier and more efficient to keep a record of your expenses and generate necessary reports.


Custom Expiration Dates:

With Pay with Extend, you can choose the expiration date for virtual cards, giving you control over how long they remain active. This offers flexibility and security, allowing you to tailor the virtual cards’ usability to specific needs, whether for one-time purchases or recurring payments over an extended period.

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User-Friendly Interface:

Pay with Extend provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment process. Whether you’re a new or experienced user, the easy navigation makes it effortless to utilize the feature, saving you time and effort.


  • yes-icon Utilize Pay with Extend to generate virtual cards for vendor payment transactions in Acumatica.
  • yes-icon Experience the effortless set up and installing procedure of Pay with Extend to quickly integrate virtual cards.
  • yes-icon Utilize the Pay with Extend payment integration to furnish vendors with a virtual card number instead of your actual card or account number.
  • yes-icon Safeguard your credit card details and allow Pay with Extend to make payments on your behalf securely.
  • yes-icon Customize and establish specific spending limits and expiration dates for each virtual card with Pay with Extend.

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