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E-commerce is a trillion-dollar industry and is slated to grow even more over the next five years. Rather than shun it, retailers will embrace showrooming. Why? They’ll learn to merge the two worlds of online and in-store shopping. Another up-and-coming trend is more transparent payments and transactions. Many more transactions will begin to occur through […]

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Hitting a roadblock when it comes to designing a mobile shopping app for your brand? This article might help you out, as the six tips presented can help you out. You need to give your customers a reason to shop on your mobile site. Your app needs to be useful and helpful and bring something […]

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Even in a dying industry there are still ways for a business to continue to grow. First they need to commit to their goals and accept the need to take action. This goes hand in hand with identifying what technologies are available to help streamline each of the steps in a process and employing these […]

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Customer loyalty is driven by two things: The emotional connection customers have with a brand and a two-way relationship. It is no surprise that people’s loyalty mainly lies with their pets, favorite bands, and sports teams. Why? Well, for one, pets are the most loyal creatures on the face of the Earth. Read on for […]

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Advancements in technology have changed the way consumers shop. Whether its mobile, app, or online, people have different expectations of retail now than they did several years ago. Many suggestions state that technology and retail can work together and that several businesses are using it to improve their staff performance. So how can staff and […]

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Many businesses still offer loyalty cards to customers to encourage repeat purchases. Likewise customers still cling to the loyalty card premise, and keep these cards in their possession. This article gives businesses tips they can use to improve the theory behind their loyalty programs. For example, adding social media into the mix is one of […]

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This article gives information on the keys to being a successful retailer. The author gives the three keys to success which are flexibility, being persistent, and keeping an eye on the bottom line. Each key to success is also broken down into detail on how to achieve it. Read the full article here: Keys To […]

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The meaning of social shopping differs depending on whether you are a consumer or a business. A study reveals that most consumers prefer shopping for something only after reviewing what other customers who have already purchased the product or service have to say. This is done either through social networking sites or through blogs. Although […]

4 June, 2018 - - News -

How do you leave your customers feeling happy with their shopping experiences? Happy customers are most likely to be repeat customers. If you want to satisfy your customers, find out how you can align your prices with the customers’ perceptions. You can also please your customers by being honest and delivering on promises. Make sure […]

31 May, 2018 - - Uncategorized -

Online marketers are constantly trying to find ways to attract new customers. Especially social media marketing, that focuses on gaining followers and growing audiences. However, they may be spending too much time in this area and not enough energy on potentially the best kind of customer: the eternally loyal customer. Loyal customers will buy the […]

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