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Creating a consumer loyalty program is almost a necessity these days in order to retain customers. There are different variations of these programs that you can consider: 1) Rewards and discounts – offer rewards for continued shopping 2) Direct mailers that give personalized offers; and 3) Credit card linked offers. Deciding on a loyalty program […]

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This article discusses four great security tips for choosing your first POS, and explains why POS security is so important–from letting your customers know their information is safe, to keeping your own financials safe from thieves. Learn more below! Read the full article here: 4 Security Tips for Choosing Your First POS

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Ecommerce expert Michael Ross expects online retailing to evolve in small but important ways over the next decade. According to him, online companies will get better at using their stockpiles of data to make decisions, and data will become even more important in understanding increasingly convoluted consumer behaviors that involve a combination of online, mobile, […]

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Technology changes quicker than most companies can adapt. This article discusses four rends that small business owners need to keep an eye on, including migration to the cloud, mobile optimization, website optimization, and more. Learn about each of these trends in detail below. Read the full article here: 4 Tech Trends That Small Businesses Should […]

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Is your business looking for ways to engage your online customers more fully? This article offers tips to help you do just that, such as making your website match your customer’s experience, personalizing your website to match your business, and using social media as a communication tool. Read the full article here: Customer Engagement: 3 […]

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In this article, 31 different successful business owners offer their best tip for increasing an entrepreneur’s productivity. Their responses range from ‘do what you love,’ to ‘surround yourself with talented people you can delegate to,” and many others that you can learn from. Read the full article here: 31 Tips for Perfecting Your Productivity | […]

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The future of physical retail stores once seemed gloomy due to the increasing use of mobile devices, apps, and websites by consumers to make purchasing decisions. But new developments in mobile technology may actually help brick and mortar retailers, by eliminating checkout lines, allowing customers to pay for items themselves, and enabling the practice of […]

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E-commerce has grown exponentially in the past decade as a means of reaching an increasingly digital customer base. With that in mind, this article presents three alternatives to the traditional e-commerce model that may be just as effective. Learn more below! Read the full article here: 3 Alternative E-Commerce Models | Online Sales

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Mobile technology has found its way into all aspects of business, and small businesses are not excluded. In fact, a recent set of surveys found that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets play an important role in every facet of business, whether it’s remote email access, texting, calendar management, document access, or even cloud-hosted […]

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Retailers can use micro-fencing technology to engage with millennial customers through their smart devices. The technology can be used in a variety of ways, from loyalty programs and offers based on a shopper’s in-store location, to streamlining the checkout process. Retailers can also use the tech to benefit from access to shopper demographics and powerful […]

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