Because of the high demand from our MYOB Advanced Resellers for training and to become more self-reliant, Matt Gray, Director of Client Services for Fusion Software, flew out to Sydney, Auckland, and Melbourne  to provide comprehensive reseller training and certification.  This training gave resellers the ability to demo, sell and service our products in the future.

This training and certification armed the resellers with the ability to offer first line support for all of Fusion’s products for MYOB Advanced, including:

  • FusionPOS
  • FusionWMS Core and Advanced
  • Fusion Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Fusion Light Manufacturing
  • Fusion Gift & Loyalty

We were thrilled to get the chance to meet so many resellers face-t0-face.  We’re thrilled to move forward with you.


Thanks to all of our customers and partners for stopping by the Fusion booth.  Another great Summit.  It was an incredible week and we are left feeling inspired.  See you next year.


Schedule your Reseller Certification & Training Today

As a member of the MYOB reseller network, you are aware of how Fusion Software plays a powerful role in the MYOB ecosystem as Advanced Certified Solutions. We’re pleased to announce the closing of two deals in February, thanks to the incredible efforts, Enprise Solutions with client Zhik using both FusionPOS and FusionWMS as well as Kilimanjaro Consulting with client Northside Cleaning Supplies using FusionPOS. We cannot be more thrilled to welcome these two businesses into the Fusion family.

Although we want to extend our gratitude to Osman Tounjel and JAAS Systems for representing Fusion in 2016, moving forward, all inquiries should be made directly to Mike Gill ( or Jake Sumners ( Fusion Software will continue to provide Shop Floor Data Collection for JAAS.

Because of the high demand for from our MYOB Advanced Resellers for training and to become more self-reliant, Matt Gray, Director of Client Services for Fusion Software, will be in Eastern Australia and New Zealand the first two weeks of May to provide comprehensive reseller training and certification. This will include a fully functional demo environment which will allow Resellers to demo, sell and service our products in the future.

This training and certification will arm you with the ability to offer first line support for all of Fusion’s products for MYOB Advanced, including:

FusionWMS Core and Advanced
Fusion Shop Floor Data Collection
Fusion Light Manufacturing
Fusion Gift & Loyalty

Specific training locations are still under review. But we expect to conduct three separate classes in at least two venues.

If you are ready to be a part of the future of Fusion Software and the MYOB Advanced platform, reach out to our Client Care Coordinator, Daisy Gabriel at:, to register for your training today.

We’re thrilled to move forward with you. Expect to see more exciting deals and announcements over the next 60 days!

Sincerely, Fusion Software

Reach out to our Client Care Coordinator, Daisy Gabriel at:, to register for your training today.

Fusion and OnLoyalty Merge To Create Next Generation Back Office Management and Consumer Engagement Systems For Retailers

Dallas Texas, January 26, 2017 – Fusion RMS ( (“Fusion”) and OnLoyalty (“OnLoyalty”) have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their respective companies into one newly formed corporation called Evlocity Systems, Inc. (“Evlocity”).

The merger will combine both operations into one facility headquartered in Dallas, Texas with additional sales and development facilities located in Canada and Mexico. The merger will enable Evlocity to effectively service its growing US market and increasing growth of multi-location retailers in other countries.

Both companies will continue offering their services and products under their existing brands that currently service over 2,000 retail locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The merger further combines strong operating, sales, and development personnel. Evlocity will continue to maintain its strong year-over-year profitability with significantly increased market opportunities within its first year of combined operations.

Mike Gill, founder of Fusion and CEO of the newly formed Evlocity, comments, “We’ve worked with OnLoyalty for some time and as our partnership grew, we saw a perfect opportunity for both companies. Our merger will enable us to really scale our growth and pursue more retail markets by offering a complete cloud service offering while providing affordable subscription prices with enterprise level functionality to our customers”.

Unlike other point-of-sale systems, the new Evlocity cloud-based product offering will enable a retailer to scale more efficiently and cost-effectively with their back office and integrated consumer engagement systems as their organization grows. Under one end-to-end service relationship and offering hands on start-to-finish implementation and support management, Evlocity is able to service retailers more effectively while significantly enhancing the efficiency of retailers using its products.

Ricardo Rosado, founder of OnLoyalty and Chief Technology Architect of the newly formed Evlocity notes, “OnLoyalty and Fusion is a great combination of talent and resources. We are already underway with several exciting new cloud-based initiatives. We enthusiastically expect to announce its commercialization this year”.

Malidan Capital Group ( provided corporate structuring, financing, and consulting services with regard to the Fusion-OnLoyalty merger and has been engaged by Evlocity to continue providing these services and assist in the company’s strategic initiatives on an on-going basis.

Evlocity Systems Inc.
Fusion RMS & OnLoyalty
Jessica Hughes

Malidan Capital Group
Marc Strauch

Forward-Looking Statements

 This press release contains forward-looking statements. Any statements contained herein which do not describe historical facts, including but not limited to, statements regarding: (i) our business; (ii) expectations about our business and future of its market; (iii) expectations regarding future intentions we plan on undertaking as part of our business plan; (vi) beliefs about the consumer adoption of our industry and our goal of bringing new innovative products to consumers, are forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. We disclaim any obligation to publicly update or revise any such statements to reflect any change in expectations or in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statements may be based, or that may affect the likelihood that actual results will differ from those set forth in the forward-looking statements.

Top 5 Reasons to install Fusion at the same time as Acumatica

  1. It is best to test the impact and compatibility of the Fusion Acumatica Customization packages upfront, in a non-production environment.
  2. Being a part of the configuration process is becoming more and more important as our feature set grows with WMS. Being there on Day 1 is key for a successful go-live. How many times have we gotten through a six-month installation process of Acumatica and found out that they configured ACU in a certain way, only to discover that we don’t support that process?
  3. There are certain things that must be configured correctly in Acumatica for POS and WMS to work well. It can be challenging to change some of these configuration settings, such as order types and numbering sequences, after the fact.
  4. The addition of Fusion software will impact business processes. Why learn an initial pre-Fusion process just to learn another?
  5. A mutual installation cuts down costs for both the reseller and the customer. For example, every reseller has to import bins into a system. Without Fusion installed, they cannot add the fields required for down stock, pick sequencing, etc.

Customer Success: Hawaii Foodservice Alliance, LLC.

What products/services does your company provide?

We opened a convenience store in the foodservice industry.

Who does your company serve?

We serve walk-in retail customers and employees.

What is your role at the company?

I’m the CTO of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance .

Which accounting system are you using?

We’re using Sage.

How did the implementation process go? How about the sales process?

We had an extremely compressed timeline, and Fusion did everything in their power to get us up and running on time. Jake helped us get the hardware we needed, George got the software installed promptly, and Jeremy was able to help troubleshoot everything we ran into and get the software integrated just the way we wanted it within just a couple hour-long sessions. It was very impressive.

What is the biggest benefit you hoped to receive by implementing FusionRMS?

We were hoping to get good Sage integration with our POS software, since we already had our company’s infrastructure built around Sage for the primary warehouse-side of the foodservice industry.

What was the process like before FusionRMS?

We didn’t have any point-of-sale software previously set up. This convenience store is our first step into this space, and that’s what makes the implementation process that much more impressive. With the super-compressed timeline and this being our first venture into the retail space, it’s unreal that we were able to pull it off with Fusion’s support.

How has the benefit paid off now that you have FusionRMS installed?

We have a store that is able to run without any issues, and we have great reports both within Sage and with Fusion’s own pre-configured Crystal reports that we warehouse in our company’s production database instance.

The primary benefits are not having to troubleshoot and being able to quickly, easily access the data in a sane manner.

Testimonial from Alex Byrd of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance
Location: Honolulu, HI

What is FusionWMS – Advanced for Acumatica?

What is FusionWMS – Advanced for Acumatica ?

FusionWMS – Core delivered Acumatica functionality to a handheld in the warehouse. Receiving, transfers, picking, shipping, etc. were all brought to the warehouse via a handheld interface. FusionWMS – Advanced adds new functionality to Acumatica and then extends that to the warehouse. Unit of measure barcodes, license plating, warehouse zones and enhanced pick, and, most importantly, item packing (necessary for all international shipments)—all of this and more comes with Advanced.

What are the benefits of FusionWMS – Advanced?

With FusionWMS – Advanced, Acumatica can go toe-to-toe with legacy WMS products costing two or three times as much. In addition, because Advanced is imbedded in Acumatica, there are no duplicate databases, no syncing, and no third-party platforms to support. All updates are in real-time directly into Acumatica.

Who benefits?

Acumatica and FusionWMS – Core meet the needs of most light warehouse environments; however, more complex environments require additional functionality, such the ability to consolidate, move, and ship merchandise via pallets where one scan represents all of the items on the pallet. These functionalities are available in FusionWMS – Advanced. If there is a need to know which items on a shipment are in which packages; a desire to manage inventory by scanning case labels, as well as UPCs; or a desire to maintain a pick/bulk bin warehouse configuration, all of this and more are in FusionWMS – Advanced.

What are the advantages of a fully imbedded WMS system?

From the outset, FusionWMS has always been fully imbedded Acumatica. This level of functionality directly in an ERP system is a game-changer. First, it reduces overhead by eliminating the need for duplicate databases and a separate platform. Second, it increases productivity, since everyone has visibility across all aspects of the enterprise. From order entry to shipping, everyone knows what is going on with the touch of a screen. Third, it lowers operating costs by reducing and automating steps required to purchase orders to receivables.

What’s in the pipeline for Fusion?

Our development plate is very full. Increasingly, resellers and end users are turning to Fusion for custom enhancements around distribution. For the balance of this year, we expect to release the following utilities:

  • Line Item Ship-To – This is the ability to set a separate ship-to for each line of a sales order.
  • Header-Level Reason Codes – This will be a change to the present system, where reason codes are assigned at the line level.
  • Sub Items – Presently, FusionWMS handles Items only.
  • Counter-Sale POS with Kitchen Display – This is perfect for coffee shops, bars, and counter-serve restaurants.
  • Franchise Module – This allows the management of both franchisor and franchisee operations from one platform.

Reseller Success Story: Opus Consulting Group

Opus Logo

As an accounting software reseller for major companies like U.S. Food Service, Expedia, and dozens of retailers, Opus Consulting Group has to feel very confident with every product it recommends. That’s why the company works with Fusion Retail Management System. Opus CEO, Tim Phillips, says that a lot of companies he’s worked with are all over the sales phase… but they tend to peter out during implementation. Not so with Fusion. “FusionRMS was excellent,” says Phillips, who appreciates FusionRMS’ setup flexibility and customization options. “I’ve worked with FusionRMS with 3 different companies,” says Phillips, “and the level of service and integration is hands down efficient.”

What is your role?

Tim Phillips, CEO, Opus Consulting Group

What products or services does your company provide?

We provide enterprise resource planning software.

Who does your company serve?

We’re an accounting software re-seller for companies that need general ledger, like retail stores, doctors’ offices, US Food Service, and Expedia.

Which version of Fusion did you invest in?

Sage 100

How was your experience specifically with implementation?

Excellent! I’ve worked with FusionRMS with three different companies. The level of service and integration was hands down efficient.

Did FusionRMS support you in the selling process? Please explain.

Yes. For the first company, we spent time with FusionRMS and looked at the customer needs to make sure the integration process was going in the manner that we wanted. The second time was an easy process since we had already worked with FusionRMS. Now we are back for a third time using FusionRMS to provide a product for our customer’s needs.

How did FusionRMS support you in selling to the client?

We did a conference call. Fusion did a demonstration of the product. We found that Fusion was a good fit which I told the customer. If we wanted to do something custom, FusionRMS was open to that. It’s always nice to know that option exists.  FusionRMS had a lot of flexibility and setup options.

How was it different from other relationships you’ve had in selling products?

A lot of companies tend to be responsive in the sales process, but on the implementation process they are not. FusionRMS was responsive both on the sales side and in the implementation process of the product as well.

Customer Success: Shelby American, Inc.

Las Vegas tourists expect fast, friendly service. Branded merchandise retailer Shelby American, Inc. delivers just that. But before they invested in FusionPOS for Sage 100, the company often had problems behind the scenes – and at the registers at its two stores. IT Director Richard Sparkman says their system is “much smoother and easier now” because FusionPOS integrates fully and seamlessly with their ERP. Fusion’s personalized service works well too: From the start, they were assigned “one guy instead of an entire department.” Sparkman says his Fusion contact knows “everything about our process” and is available to answer questions anytime.  Fully customizable FusionPOS automatically integrates Shelby’s sales, inventory, and accounting transactions to its ERP the way the company wants. That means no more time wasted on double entries and far fewer errors at the point of sale. With FusionPOS, Shelby customers now leave happier and more loyal than ever.

What products or services does your company provide?

Shelby American, Inc. is a car manufacturer, but we also have two retail stores that provide branded merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia, apparel, and car parts.

Who does your company serve?

We serve the end customer. The bulk of shoppers in our retail stores our tourists to Las Vegas.

What is your role?

I am the IT Director for Shelby American, Inc.

Which version of Fusion did you invest in?

We invested in FusionPOS for Sage 100.

Why did you choose Fusion/how did you decide?

Our support partner for Sage 100 recommended Fusion. We looked at in great detail and determined that it was the best fit for what we wanted to accomplish, which was better integration with our ERP software.

What was the process like before FusionRMS?

In our old environment we performed nightly exports and manually imported them into our ERP software. Back then we only had inventory adjustments rather than recording the actual sales dollar amounts, like we have with Fusion now.

What is the biggest benefit you hoped to receive by implementing FusionRMS?

We were looking for a replacement for our old system, one which would give us better integration with our core ERP software. Fusion was the perfect fit.

How did the implementation process go?

Implementation was easy and quick. We were given a single point of contact with whom I could work throughout the process. Through this direct conversation, the implementation time was kept to a minimum, more often with Fusion waiting for us rather than the other way around.

What did you think about the service Fusion provided?

We were assigned one guy to interact with (Jeremy Sharp) instead of an entire department, which was really helpful. Jeremy knew everything about our process. The service was smooth and quick, and we got the results we originally wanted. Plus, Jeremy is still available to answer questions today!

How did Fusion resolve any pain points from your previous POS system?

The overall operation of the system itself is much improved. Our old system wasn’t integrated with ERP, so every item sold had to be entered into that system. It also had to be entered into our POS system, which meant time-consuming double-entry. The system is much smoother and easier now.

How has the benefit paid off now that you have FusionRMS installed?

Our processes are now streamlined and roles clearly defined. Management has the relevant sales data that allows them to make their business decisions. From an IT standpoint, the integration means less attention needs to be given to the interaction between Fusion and our ERP. The registers are far more stable than on the older software, and we have far fewer errors being made at the point of sale.

If you’d like more information about how FusionRMS can help streamline your retail operation, simply fill out the form to the right!

EMV and PayGuardian

Many of you have inquired about the EMV certification with FusionPOS over the last couple of weeks, and today (09/28/2015) we received our certification with the Ingenico IPP350 and the ISC 250 devices. This was the first major hurdle in working with the new EMV rules with PayGuardian.

What does that mean?

At this point there are still two additional certifications that need to be done between PayGuardian and the EMV governing body. They estimate that the full EMV certification will occur the week of November 5, 2015.

In preparation for that roll-out, those customers looking to implement the EMV hardware and processes can now begin planning. Beginning next week, we will start the process of opening PayGuardian accounts with non-EMV transactions.

This will allow customers looking to move the ability to order hardware and setup of their new devices and credit card processing. When the final certifications are met by PayGuardian, we will be able to turn on EMV card processing. When that is announced, all customers will be notified of the time and date that this will occur.

On average it will take between 10 to 14 days for the initial sign-up and for hardware to arrive once the account is opened. We will be scheduling times with each of you for the upgrade of Fusion along with the installation, configuration, and setup of PayGuardian.

How do I open a PayGuardian account?

If you have not spoken with Advanced Bancard about obtaining a PayGuardian account, please contact Fusion support, or call them directly at 317-379-4600 and ask for Dan Fox. You will need the following information for the call:

  • You will want to make sure your current merchant services support First Data Omaha as a processor. This is the ONLY processor certified for PayGuardian and Fusion. Additional processors will be available as the certifications are passed.
  • You will need to have two months of statements on hand to discuss and negotiate rates with Advanced Bancard.
  • They will also need the billing address of each merchant account that needs to be set up.
  • If you are looking for a new account setup including merchant services, Advanced Bancard will be able to provide you quotes for processing from beginning to end.

What are the next steps?

As referenced above, you will need to sign up for a PayGuardian account. We do expect a large influx of customers looking to move, and we will work to accommodate all customers as fast as we can. When upgrading to PayGuardian, you will also need to upgrade your Fusion software to Version 4.6.1504. Your Fusion software upgrade will need to be scheduled parallel with your PayGuardian upgrade.