Fusion POS fusion January 11, 2023

A POS for Acumatica merchants that thrive for omnichannel

Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS™) is a full-featured point of sale solution for retailers wanting to leverage Acumatica ERP for centralized management in highly distributed retail environments.


Install FusionPOS on traditional registers and any Android device for maximum portability.

No downtime​

Internet is down? FusionPOS keeps running and syncs data automatically as soon as connection is restablished.

Lower costs​

Running your retails operations directly from Acumatica removes the need to purchase other products.


Better data for better selling​

  • Cash Customer – When the customer or transaction-specific data isn’t needed, while speed and accuracy are. Cash Customer transactions are “rolled-up” into a single, location-specific for each user-defined reporting period.
  • Accounting Customers – For either open account customers or transactions requiring follow-on activities such as layaway and fulfillment.
  • Marketing customers – Used when customer data is desired for marketing and relationship purposes but not needed for accounting.

No transaction is too complex

  • Cash & Carry – Single-step transactions. Clients can use one or many payment types, including credit/debit cards, cash, checks, and gift cards.
  • ERP Fulfillment – Originate a transaction at the register and create a Sales Order for shipment from the ERP system.
  • Mixed Mode – Transactions that include both Cash &Carry and ERP Fulfillment; particularly useful where certain purchased items may leave with the customer, and other items will be shipped using conventional fulfillment.

Dynamic pricing​

The Fusion Advanced Pricing module provides retail-specific, non-standard pricing beyond the scope of conventional ERP systems, including bundled prices, BOGO, merchandise promotions, vendor based specials, and more.


Sell from anywhere​

Don’t let long lines discourage potential customers. This simple tablet-based app is an ideal extension of your POS; it’s there when you need it and allows you to service customers anywhere in your store or away in location.


Loyalty beyond rewards​

More than just digital marketing, the Fusion OnLoyalty platform is a unique suite of promotion, brand management, and customer retention solutions that allow you to manage every stage of the customer journey: from acquiring new customers to tracking shopping habits, from marketing campaigns to loyalty rewards across the channels.

Synchronization = Better customer experience​

Making Acumatica the source of truth for your commerce operations allows you to deliver a consistent commerce experience throughout all your sales channels.

Technical features​

FusionPOS runs best on certain operating systems, servers, and hardware.​

Case studies​