Credit Card Processing

Fusion has two options for integrated credit card gateways. Please see options below.

PayGuardian (BridgePay product)

  1. Supports EMV (chip reader), Signature Capture, PIN Debit
  2. Requires specific hardware (which must be injected with your merchant keys – see Dan Fox contact below)
      i. Ingenico iSC250/iSC350
      ii. Ingenico iPP320/350
  1. Requires Installation/Configuration per POS
  2. Currently only supports EMV with First Data Omaha processor, however PayGuardian was recently certified with TSYS and CHASE (this should open up PayGuardian to many more merchant providers who may not currently work with First Data Omaha)
    i. The TSYS and CHASE certifications will lead to a new PayGuardian version that will require Fusion testing prior to release; soft target of Q1 2017.

    1. Use with basic USB MSR Swipe
    2. Does not support chip reader, signature capture, or PIN Debit
    3. No extra installation per POS, centrally configured

 Our contact for setting up either of the above gateways/quotes/etc. is Dan Fox. His contact information is below. Please contact him for more details.

317.663.9871 office
Dan Fox 101
Mike Dodson x105
There is also always the option to run a standalone credit card terminal with Fusion with no integration. While that might offer more freedom in terms of gateway and hardware choices, the drawback would be manual entry of the transaction amount into the credit card terminal.