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Allows for the business owner to keep the money, versus other credit card brands, where the processor holds the funds.  The gift card app serves up a supreme array of features available on any smartphone; including the following:
User Profiles —
“My Wallet”-
Store Locator-
Support for Both Physical and eCards —
Expiration dates can be added-
Easy Gift Card Purchasing and Sharing —
Simple Card Reloads —
eCard and Physical Gift Card Interoperability —
Real Time Balance Updates-
Admin Dashboard —
Available on iOS and Android –



It’s known that existing customers spend as much as 67% more than new customers. Fusion Loyalty Program allows us to offer you a sublime set of features that engender loyalty among your customers. This solution provides you with the tools to engage with your most loyal customers.
Fusion’s Loyalty Program boosts customer happiness and retention by gifting you the opportunity to provide value, increase happiness, and ensure retention—all without having to give out dollars!
Perhaps best of all, you can run deals and keep absolutely 100% of the profit.

Loyalty Program Benefits
Customer Rewards: Reward your customers in the manner you deem most fitting. You can reward customers for:
– Purchases, Share valuable marketing information of the company through their personal and social channels, customer referrals, and becoming a registered member.

Cloud-based Administration Dashboard:
Activity Reports:
Digital Card:
Unique Card Types:
Store Directory:
User Registration With Text Messaging:
Gifting Points:
Envoy/Referral/VIP Tiers:
White Label/Private Label Flexibility:
Robust API Support:



Fusion Integrated Credit/Debit Card Processing

Utilizing either Sage Payment Solutions or Payware PC, Fusion Credit Card processing provides seamless integration with credit card processors. PCI compliance is assured because the credit card number itself is never retained either in FusionPOS or in the ERP. Authorizations numbers are passed through to FusionPOS and the ERP for easy tracking.


Fusion Label Printing

Print item/price, bin or shelf labels directly at the store with Fusion Label Printing. Print a list or range of items and set quantities, or print directly from a PO or SO. Labels can be formatted for most standard label sizes. Supports using multiple templates, easily selected at time of printing. Compatible with Zebra direct thermal printers which support the Zebra Printing Language II (ZPL2). Every store should have one!


Fusion Scheduler

Schedule resources and tasks using items directly from your Fusion database. With a click of a button, have the event transferred to your register as a sale. Ideal for class scheduling, salon appointments, or even keeping track of employee schedules, vacations, travel time, etc. Add items, manage schedules and resources from a single integrated calendar. Fusion Scheduler also allows you to set up appointment groups, change resources on the fly and assign commissions for a sale.


Fusion Cash Room

Cash room is designed for multi-register high volume environments where counting cash at the time of shift closing is not available. Installation of Fusion Cash Room is done in a secure back office where you can confirm your end of day counts and consolidate them into a single deposit report. Make reconciliation easier and more efficient with Fusion Cash Room.