It’s known that existing customers spend as much as 67% more than new customers. Fusion Loyalty Program allows us to offer you a sublime set of features that engender loyalty among your customers. This solution provides you with the tools to engage with your most loyal customers.


Fusion’s Loyalty Program boosts customer happiness and retention by gifting you the opportunity to provide value, increase happiness, and ensure retention—all without having to give out dollars!


Perhaps best of all, you can run deals and keep absolutely 100% of the profit

Customer Rewards

Reward your customers in the manner you deem most fitting. You can reward customers for: – Purchases – Share valuable marketing information of the company through their personal and social channels- The powerful benefits of viral exposure for your program and business cannot be understated! Users get rewarded by sharing promotions, events, product information, and store locations. – Customer referrals – Becoming a registered member

Cloud-based Administration Dashboard:
You’ll have a centralized dashboard/customer management system that affords you complete control over all aspects of your loyalty program at all times.

Activity Reports: Accessible through your central administration dashboard, activity reports provide full analytics that boast in-depth analysis, instructive insights, and at-a-glance charts and figures.

Digital Card: Your customers will invariably lose and resent having to deal with physical plastic loyalty program cards. Fusion Loyalty’s program offers digital cards with customer identification, allowing for quick-and-simple card updates at any time.

Unique Card Types: Administrator-defined membership features allow for separate card types that indicate different levels. Thresholds for reaching new levels can be revised on-thefly at any time from your admin dashboard, and features include monthly redemption limits, points earned ratios by level, points redeemed ratios by level, and discount percentages per level.

Store Directory: Users will have full access to your complete store directory. Further, the directory functionality is imbued with geolocation, allowing program members to know exactly where they are in relation to your business at any time.

User Registration With Text Messaging: Contact customers via text messaging notifications at anytime.

Gifting Points: Fusion Loyalty’s system is all about viral marketing. You have the option of gifting points to others—even those individuals who aren’t registered members—providing for effective viral marketing

Envoy/Referral/VIP Tiers: You can set-up special tiers, too, that treat your best customers as “VIPs” that can then evangelize for your brand on your behalf. Plus, you can monetize your VIPs marketing efforts in real time, e.g., gifting your VIP member’s points after one of their followers makes a purchase.

White Label/Private Label Flexibility: It includes a white label or private label option, empowering you to focus on your brand or business while still nabbing all the benefits our infrastructure and experience offer.

Robust API Support: Enjoy expansive third-party integration via support for fully documented APIs.

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