Purchase Order Detail

Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders
Fusion automatically generates purchase orders based on the inventory stock level and the inventory replenishment algorithms. Orders are placed with the vendor that best meets the price and delivery time requirements that you specify. Drop shipment purchase orders can be automatically prepared based on the information in open Sales Orders.

Purchase Order Approval
Create different approval rules based on the type of order, vendor information, order amount, and other order specific information. Purchase orders must be approved by a designated person before they can be printed and sent to the vendor.

Partial and Consolidated Receipts and Vouchers
Fusion tracks when purchase orders are received. Orders can be partially filled, completely filled, or consolidated from multiple purchase orders into a single receipt. Fusion automatically creates accounts payable vouchers when goods are received for complete, partial, or consolidated orders. Multiple receipts can be consolidated into a single voucher and multiple bills can be entered for a single receipt. Pricing information can be modified during the bill entry in Accounts Payable and the difference will be posted to the designated variance account.

Additional Features

  • Blanket Orders: Blanket orders allow you aggregate several orders to receive a volume discount or stock hard-to-get items. After creating a blanket order, you can create several purchase orders that refer to the blanket order and reduce the amount of the blanket order balance. As you enter purchase orders, Fusion automatically checks for open blanket orders and provides the option to link to them.
  • Drop Shipments: Fusion allows you to create drop shipment orders for goods that should be delivered directly to a customer location. Drop shipments can be created automatically from sales orders or entered manually by linking to a sales order from the purchase order entry screen. After the bill is entered for the drop shipment order, the corresponding sales order will be released and an invoice will be generated for the customer.
  • Landed Cost Functionality: Fusion allows you to include additional shipping and receiving costs with your purchased items. Costs can be allocated across several goods using custom allocation methods. Landed cost bills can be entered directly in Accounts Payable and associated with received items. Landed costs are automatically included in the inventory costs for stocked items.
  • Vendor Selection and Performance Analysis: Fusion allows you to upload vendor price lists with product descriptions, prices, and delivery times. Each uploaded inventory item can be mapped to existing inventory or a new item can be created. Inventory information such as cost, quantities, and lead times can be automatically updated each time inventory is received. Statistical information is used to automatically produce purchase orders and analyze vendor performance.
  • Reporting and Drill Down: Fusion’s purchasing module provides a complete set of inquiry screens and auditing reports to help you analyze your purchasing history. Report and inquiry screens allow you to drill down to the original transactions.
  • Audit Trail: The Purchasing Management Module provides a complete audit trail of all purchasing transactions. After a transaction is released, it cannot be deleted – to correct mistakes, you must enter a transaction to reverse the incorrect entry. The system keeps the details of all purchasing transactions, including the user who entered the transaction, the user who approved the transaction, and the user who modified the record. The auditing process is simplified by having notes as well as supporting electronic documents attached directly to the transactions.
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