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Retailers can use micro-fencing technology to engage with millennial customers through their smart devices. The technology can be used in a variety of ways, from loyalty programs and offers based on a shopper’s in-store location, to streamlining the checkout process. Retailers can also use the tech to benefit from access to shopper demographics and powerful […]

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Since the beginning of our education, our efforts have been driven by those around us unto subjects that may have not come as naturally as others. What if that time had been spent honing the skills that were far above the average of those around you? Specialization has nurtured the growth of the human mind […]

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Before expanding your business, it’s important to have thought it through. First, is the business comfortable? A comfortable environment will have more success. How much extra work will an expanded business require? You’ll need to know this in order to hire more people. Find out what else you’ll need to know to expand successfully. Read […]

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In an incredibly short period of time, retail managers have had to learn to see their businesses grow online instead of in-stores. Online shoppers are taking over the Internet, and with them has come an absolute abundance of profits for large retailers. This explosion of profits may easily continue for many years to come, but […]

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Finding the best credit cards for your business can be difficult. Lucky for you, CompareCards.com’s infographic helps take some of the guesswork for you. This article includes some checklists and bullet points that can help guide you along the way to finding the best credit cards for your small business. If you plan to run […]

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Ever wonder what sets one company apart from another from a consumer’s viewpoint? Do you want your customers to rave about your company? Follow the six tips here, and you can achieve just that. Companies that go out of their way to foster excellent customer satisfaction often receive high praise from their customers, even if […]

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Are brick-and-mortar retail stores dead? Has e-commerce driven the final nail into physical stores’ coffins? Contrary to what some may think, e-commerce has actually helped breathe new life into brick-and-mortar stores. Even though more customers are relying on their smartphones to find the best deals while walking around inside a store, many retailers have found […]

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As retail continues to morph into social media and digital connections, you need to watch out for mistakes. This article briefly explains seven sins that retailers commit when introducing digital initiatives to their retail stores. When bringing something new into the mix, you must ensure it is connected to your business strategy; otherwise, a stand-alone […]

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  In a world where omni-channel shopping and tech-savvy shoppers are finding the best deals they can on their mobile phones, retailers need to develop methods to adapt and overcome sales wars among their competitors. Predictive analytics is used in retail to help stores predict sales based on input reported to them by their employees. […]

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You’ve found techniques to find new customers. That’s great! But how do you get repeat customers? Not only do repeat customers bring more business and more revenue, they can refer their friends. This article provides six tips to bring repeat business. These methods are broken down into three in the services area and three in […]

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