29 November, 2017 - - News -

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fusion Software Announces release of AcumaticaPOS – CR (Cash Register) Leading Retail & Warehouse Management Software Designer,Fusion Software, announces the release of the first of two AcumaticaPOS retail point of sale registers.  Dallas, Texas – November 6, 2017 – Fusion Software announces the next phase in the evolution of its retail platform.  […]

23 June, 2017 - - News -

As a member of the MYOB reseller network, you are aware of how Fusion Software plays a powerful role in the MYOB ecosystem as Advanced Certified Solutions. We’re pleased to announce the closing of two deals in February, thanks to the incredible efforts, Enprise Solutions with client Zhik using both FusionPOS and FusionWMS as well […]

27 February, 2017 - - News -

3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Have a Gift Card Program Sure, your small business may have dabbled in special promotions and marketing efforts previously, and you may even give out the occasional gift certificate. That’s great! But you’re missing out if your company doesn’t offer a dedicated gift card program. Let’s take a look […]

26 January, 2017 - - News, OnLoyalty -

Dallas Texas, January 26, 2017 – Fusion RMS (www.fusionrms.com) (“Fusion”) and OnLoyalty(www.onloyalty.com)(“OnLoyalty”) have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their respective companies into one newly formed corporation called Evlocity Systems, Inc. (“Evlocity”). The merger will combine both operations into one facility headquartered in Dallas, Texas with additional sales and development facilities located in Canada and Mexico. The merger will […]

10 June, 2015 - - News -

Did you know that promotions have an impact on over half of the UK’s consumer market? Its all in the statistics. In a recent survey of over 2,000 UK adults, gender and age play a role in how consumers react to promotions. Over a third of the younger adults aged 18 to 34 reported that […]

7 June, 2015 - - News -

What role do your retail sales employees play? Do they play the villains or supporting characters? Your sales staff should play supporting characters! They should be able to listen to your customers, find out what they need, and be willing to offer solutions. This will benefit you as the retail owner, your customers, and your […]

7 June, 2015 - - News -

Marketing is always about telling people about your brand and getting the word out to the marketplace. However, it’s becoming more complicated to get your message out with all the marketing channels available. From social media to email marketing and television advertising, how do you know which is the best way to get your message […]

1 June, 2015 - - News -

Loyalty programs collect valuable data about consumer shopping trends. Consumers have high expectations about how their information is being used and shared to enhance their shopping experiences. Some retailers may be failing to meet these expectations, however. Retail marketers must meet digital challenges such as data sharing over multiple environments. Retailers face abandoned shopping carts, […]

1 June, 2015 - - News -

If you’re looking for a new job, here are some tips that can help. Consider finding an accountability finder or peer who can connect you to weekly check-ins. Remember to include a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile and any other social media or job-hunting sites, so employers can put a face to your name. […]

31 May, 2015 - - News -

There are five things you should know before embarking on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur. You must have a nest egg built up and be prepared to invest a lot of time and money into being your own boss. Before you do this, however, decide if it’s right for you. Do you have a […]

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