8 October, 2018 - - News -

Technology changes quicker than most companies can adapt. This article discusses four rends that small business owners need to keep an eye on, including migration to the cloud, mobile optimization, website optimization, and more. Learn about each of these trends in detail below. Read the full article here: 4 Tech Trends That Small Businesses Should […]

19 September, 2018 - - News -

Many believe that there is a magic formula essential to keeping a small or medium-size business afloat in today’s competitive market. But there is no magic formula! Only hard work and dedication will bring success to a small business. A combination of setting goals, hiring the right people, and a few more great ideas will […]

17 September, 2018 - - News -

If you were born in the mid to late 1990’s, you could be considered a part of Generation Z. With an estimated buying power of forty-four billion, Gen Z could have a severe impact on the future of retail. They have discovered that shopping online is much easier than the hassle of driving to the […]

14 September, 2018 - - News -

Learn how to make big changes without blowing up your business. Learn from a leader with lots of experience, responsible for leading a large company. From public speaking to learning the five key steps of how any organization should work before rolling anything major out, each stage details of what you should do to keep […]

12 September, 2018 - - News -

Chances are you either own or frequent a customer-service oriented business. These businesses often employ secret shoppers to understand the customer service experience through the eyes of a customer. As it turns out, these secret shoppers are reporting quite a few common themes. Read this article to learn how to avoid the most common customer […]

7 September, 2018 - - News -

If you have a sales lead, but you still have not closed the deal, you should be asking yourself certain questions, including: Have you convinced your prospective client that change will save money compared to the status quo? Read on to find out four more reasons why your deal may not be closing. Read the […]

3 September, 2018 - - News -

Keeping customers interested in the in-store experience is a difficult task for many retailers. As online shopping becomes more popular and prices continue to drop online, retailers are finding it hard to keep customers in their physical stores. The main problem is prices. Retail stores are unable to beat online prices and often lose customers […]

31 August, 2018 - - News -

If you own a retail business, then your number-one priority should be increasing your sales. Increasing your retail sales can draw in new customers and keep your business strong for years to come. If you are struggling to keep your business afloat because your sales are down, then these three tips could help you. By building […]

29 August, 2018 - - News -

While many use store apps to order their products, it turns out that a majority still like searching through the mobile web. Forty-two percent prefer the web, 20% like apps, and the rest have no preference. As a seller, you need to realize that both should work in harmony. Also, if you want to drive […]

27 August, 2018 - - News -

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t mistake-free. Many of the most profitable business people have slip-ups, but what they do to remedy that is to never make those mistakes again. Here are a few common mistakes that entrepreneurs never make twice. One is to not take common advice and urban legends as the absolute truth. The best thing […]

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