Cash Management Details

Integration with Financial Modules
The Cash Management module is seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules. All cash account transactions entered in these modules will automatically be collected by the Cash Management module for clearing and reconciliation. Transactions entered in the Cash Management module which are linked to a vendor or customer account will create entries in the Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable modules and update the appropriate balances.

Cash Account Transfers
Fusion allows you to transfer funds between bank accounts and track funds that are in-transit. You can also record any associated bank expenses directly in transfer form.

Bank Account Reconciliation
Fusion simplifies the process of reconciling your account balances with bank statements. For each bank account you can enter the statement information provided by the bank and reconcile it with cash account transactions in the system. While performing the reconsideration you can add bank charges, bank interest, and record any omitted cash related transactions directly from the reconciliation screen.

Additional Features

  • Petty Cash Management: The Cash Transactions entry screen allows you to quickly manage petty cash and back account balances. You can view the transaction history for a specific date range and switch between detailed and daily views. Fusion will trace both uncleared and cleared balances and provide you with ability to clear and add cash related transactions directly from the inquiry screen.
  • Remittance and Payment Instructions: Fusion’s cash control software helps you gather complete payment information from vendors and customers when accounts are established by linking required information to the type of payment preferred. For example, if a customer wants to pay by credit card you will need to gather specific information, while if a customer wants to pay by wire transfer, you may have to include specific information on your customer remittance form.
  • Processing Centers: Fusion allows you to configure the list of processing centers that you will use for cash collection and associate customer payment methods with a particular processing center. This information is used in the Accounts Receivable module for automated credit card processing.
  • Cash Account Security: Fusion allows you to control who can the access cash account information and balances. By activating this option you can prevent an authorized account access and restrict sensitive company information.
  • Cash Account Reporting: Fusion’s cash management accounting software provides several reports to reconcile cash accounts balances and manage short term cash reserves as well as forecasts and projections. You can drill down inside summary reports to review the detailed transactions.
  • Audit Trail: The Cash Management module provides a complete audit trail of all cash related transactions. When a cash transaction is released, you cannot delete or cancel it – to correct mistakes, you must enter a correcting transaction to reverse the incorrect entry. The system maintains details of all entered or imported transactions, including the user who entered the transaction and the user who modified the record. The auditing process is simplified by linking notes and supporting electronic documents directly to transactions.
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